Animation Soundtrack – “The Coming Community”

I recently completed a soundtrack to the animation “The Coming Community”.  The images were originally cyanotype photograms produced by Carolyn Lewens. These images were then animated and given “three-dimensionality” by Aasmund Heimark. (Cyanotypes are images made without a camera by placing objects directly on the surface of photo-sensitive material.)

Carolyn describes the process as “Light permeates through metaphors of photosynthesis and bioluminescence as a living light; it caresses objects leaving tangible traces of its penetration on light-sensitive surfaces. Objects become phenomena with no intermediary apparatus, images are creative re-interpretations, truths of art that are different to those of science or biology.”  (From notes to “In the Photic Zone”, Monash University Gallery, December 2009)

The resulting animation is a playful and fictive evocation of strange undersea creatures and microscopic organisms. It’s a beautiful piece and I’m quite happy how the soundtrack turned out..

Showing at the Latrobe Regional Gallery as part of the “Edge of the World” Exhibition from 15 May to 27 June.

The animation will also be shown at the Monash Gallery in Melbourne in September and I will be producing a surround-sound mix for the exhibition.

From “In The Photic Zone”


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