Exciting the Vibrissa


A set of vertically mounted  and just tuned aluminium rods. Stroking the rods longitudinally builds up standing waves as they begin to resonate. This is very similar in feel to playing a wineglass and is dependant on touch to keep the rod sound singing. (Too much pressure will kill the sound.)  The rods have very long sustain times and the microtonal tuning creates difference tones.




Behind the Bridge Guitar

Based on Hans Reichel’s design. The guitars are made to be picked and fretted behind the bridge (although they can be played in a regular style also). The sound is based on resonance and harmonic relationships between the regular strings and those behind the bridge, creating ghostly high order harmonics.

New Hondo

Behind the Bridge Guitar – Prototype

I added a second aluminium neck with aluminium frets for the behind the bridge section.







“Quasimodo’s Dream”

Made from old acoustic guitar parts and strung with piano wire. Played with a bow.




New Hondo 1


Three Output Guitar

One pickup above the nut, one for the length of strings behind the bridge and one in front of the bridge. Designed for bowing, not fretting.




Nut pickup

Above The Nut Pickup

I don’t use it much, but it can yield some unusual sounds.




Infinite Z

Infinite Z1

Infinite Zither

Two metre long metal base strung with piano wire. Played with a slide and e-bow or bow it offers a cascade of harmonics. Based on Glenn Branca’s Harmonic Guitars.







Scuba Gongs and Scuba Bells. I cut these from old tanks and they ring out forever (almost).


E Bow power

Variable voltage E-Bow






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