Veiled Moon at the Stephen McLaughlan Gallery July 3-20, 2013

I’ve done the music for these video installations by Josephine Telfer. Beautiful and hypnotic imagery. Soundtracked using the vibrissae instruments..

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Moiré – new and re-invented instruments. Saturday July 13 Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick St.,Fitzroy

The Overtone Ensemble – Vibrissae (singing metal rod instruments).

The Overtone Ensemble (Tim Catlin, Atticus Bastow, Dave Brown, and Ceallaigh Norman) perform using “vibrissae” instruments, built by Tim Catlin. (Plus tuned bells, guitars and bowed objects.)

Barnaby Oliver – Just-intoned zither and violin.

Barnaby Oliver is a musician and multimedia artist most notable for his work in the experimental improvisational band Infinite Decimals. He has developed a unique practice drawing on a diverse range of sources, from 60′s experimentalists Alvin Lucier and LaMonte Young through to dub pioneers King Tubby and Lee Perry. A common theme is the use of sound as conveyor of hidden worlds, exploring physiological and environmental processes through the creation of sensitised fields.


Rosalind Hall – Modified saxophone with homemade reeds and preparations.

The sound worlds Rosalind Hall creates in performance are bodily and organically evolving, using the saxophone with preparations to abstract and alter the sounds and playing techniques.  She makes reeds from plastics and metals and places objects in the bell that become vibrating objects and extensions to the instrument. She uses breath, saliva and gestures with small and highly sensitive microphones to capture the sonic microcosm of her body and the internal world of the saxophone.

Saturday July 13, 8pm-11pm, $10

Conduit Arts 83 Brunswick St., Fitzroy, 3065


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“Stick Slip” – Bowed Music. The Overtone Ensemble at West Space Gallery. November 23, 2012

Slip-Stick (or Stick-Slip) is the frictional phenomena caused by two objects sliding over and sticking to each other. A few sonic examples of this include squealing car brakes, stridulating grasshoppers and squeaking chalk on a blackboard. Perhaps the most common musical example is that of bowed instruments where the action of the bow drives the strings in a regular cycle of stick-slip-stick-slip.

“Slip-Stick” consisted of two performances.  Both of these works utilised acoustic phenomena arising from Just Intonation interval tuning such as phasing, combination tones and sympathetic vibrations to produce a deeply immersive sonic environment.

The Ensemble performed using four new instruments recently built by Tim Catlin. These Just Intonation tuned metal rod instruments are bowed or stroked by hand and produce an ethereal, haunting sound. The long sustaining nature of the rod’s sound and the close interval tunings of the instruments allow players a sonic palette of richly complex textures and harmonic complexity.

Other instruments used in these pieces included bowed acoustic guitars, cymbals and metal sculptures, chromatic handbells, wineglasses, singing bowls and glockenspiels.




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Tim Catlin and Nigel Brown – Make It Up Club, November 13

Live at Make it Up Club, Melbourne, 13/11/2012

Tim Catlin: Bowed and activated metals

Nigel Brown: Deconstructed accordion

High quality audio of this show here:

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The Overtone Ensemble – November 3rd, Bella Union, Trades Hall














Images: Rod Jepsen

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Overtone Ensemble – Saturday November 3rd

I’ve started a new group, The Overtone Ensemble, to play my microtonal bowed rod instruments. (Atticus Bastow, Dave Brown, Ceallaigh Norman and myself.)

We will be playing four of these instruments as well as bowed cymbals, chromatic handbells, singing bowls, bowed metal and percussion.

At Bella Union, Trades Hall. 54 Lygon St. Carlton (9pm start $15) supporting Children of the Wave for the launch of their album “The Electric Sounds of Faraway Choirs”.

With The Sun Blindness.

Come along for a night of ritualistic skewed pop, dreamy psych sounds and outré drones..

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Monkey – Sunday October 7

Monkey 181 St Georges Rd, Nth Fitzroy. 7pm

Tim Catlin Solo Performance – Bowed Metal Instruments

Dave Brown and Rosalind Hall Duo – Prepared guitar and Prepared Saxophone

Dave Brown/Rosalind Hall/Tim Catlin Trio

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Handmade Music. Wednesday October 3rd.

I’m playing as part of the monthly  Hand Made Series at Wesley Anne, 250 High Street Northcote. Wednesday October 3, 8.30 pm $15/10

Will be playing bowed guitar plus debuting one of the new bowed metal instruments I’ve made.  (Twelve aluminium rods tuned to a just intonation scale. Played by bowing with rosined hands or gloves..)

Also appearing:  Dean Stanton and Earl of Lunchington.


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Odious Pegboard – Sunday Afternoon Show. May 6th

Extended bowed guitar performance.

Tape Projects 1/81 Bouverie St. Carlton

Sunday May 6th 4-7pm (entry by donation)

Other performers:

Jessie Scott+Alice Hui-Sheng Chang – tarab – Simon Whetham

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Sonic Decadence. Bowed Guitar Performance

Over the last year I have been working on the re-design and customisation of one of my electric guitars. It’s now setup for just intonation tuning and has multiple bridges, with pickups and seperate outputs for each string segment. (Including a pickup above the nut) It’s designed to be played with bows, mallets and other such implements. (Photos to follow.)

This will be the first public performance using the guitar..

“Sonic Decadence” in Bendigo at 2.00pm on Sunday 29 April. (Old Fire Station, View St Bendigo) $5

Sonic Decadence is presented by Undue Noise and is a celebration of 10 years of presenting experimental and improvised music in Castlemaine and Bendigo.

It runs over two days with performances at 2.00 and 8.00pm on  both days. More information on lineups here:

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